Sunday, May 6, 2007

Paris Hilton and jail

As I'm sure everyone and their mother knows, Ms. Paris Hilton is headed to jail for 45 days.

Was she singled out? I'm sure she was. Her attitude was probably not properly respectful towards the judge - the one man she needed to win over in the room at the time. She has a long history of acting as if she were above the law. She has money. Her parents have money. She's famous, young and pretty.

I would not be surprised if she ended up dead before she saw her 36th birthday. She's not exactly living a life geared towards longevity.

I'm also sure that people are going to be slightly curious about what her stay is going to be like. Is she going to be someone's bitch? Is she going to get beaten up? Her stuff stolen? Is she going to starve?

Probably not.

Although I can't know for sure as to how the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood - a women-only jail is run, if the jail administrators have any sense, they'll place her in their PC housing unit. PC stands for protective custody.

Inmates are put into PC whenever they are at risk of being victimized by other inmates. Typically child molesters, snitches, and high-profile inmates are the types of folks who are placed into protective custody.

She'll be in her own room.

She'll get about an hour's worth of recreation a day, during which time she'll be able to use the phone, take a shower, walk around. She will probably have recreation time alone.

She'll have to clean her own room.

She will probably lose weight, but she'll be able to order food items from the jail's commissary provider every week - so she'll be snacking well enough.

It simply isn't in the jail's best interest to let her out among the general population or to give her a roommate. Jail personnel really do prefer to avoid fights and conflicts - it just creates more work.

We'll see how she takes it in a few weeks. Hopefully it ends up changing her for the better.